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    Xactimate Water Damage Estimates

    After a flood, hurricane, pipe burst or fire, it can be difficult for property owners to come up with a plan to get everything back to normal. As a local restoration contractor, they’re often looking to you for advice on how to move forward.

    The problem? Insurance claims aren’t always as cut and dry as most people think. There are certain protocols that have to be followed right after a water leak or other type of water damage to ensure mold doesn’t affect drywall, flooring, or carpet.

    By giving your customer a thorough and formal proposal, you’re able to move forward with the water extraction process and help them dry out as quickly as possible.

    How do you get the fastest and most accurate quoting possible? Through a special software program called Xactimate.

    This tool is often considered the industry standard for insurance companies and other professionals. Unfortunately, the downside is that it can be difficult to learn and time consuming if you aren’t familiar with all of the features.

    Thankfully, there’s a better alternative. Our Xactimate water damage estimate writing service is an excellent way to ensure you’re quoting these types of insurance jobs as accurately as possible from the start.

    Give us a shot on your next water damage restoration project. You’ll be glad you did. We make it easy to receive and review status updates on each of your roofing claims through our online CRM portal, available 24-hours a day. Each water damage estimate is branded with your logo and typically turned round in 1-2 business days. Same day and weekend service available.

    In addition to water damage estimates, we provide fire damage estimates.

    Xactimate Estimate Sample
    Xactimate Estimate Sample
    Xactimate Estimate Sample

    Water Damage Estimate Writing

    Xactimate Water Mitigation Estimating

    As you already know, leaks require a certain level of expert quoting to ensure all aspects of the water mitigation process are included.

    If you miss a particular part of the estimate or bid, it can be hard to get water mitigation covered under the claim using supplemental estimates in the future.

    Instead, it is better to work with our QuikClaims team to get a thorough and comprehensive bid from the very beginning.

    Xactimate Water Damage Restoration Estimating

    Water leaks aren’t always noticed right away. That’s why water damage restoration estimating can sometimes be a more difficult task than many might realize.

    With Xactimate, you can rest assured that you’re always getting the most detailed bids possible. In fact, this software is the gold standard for the insurance industry when it comes to what they use to come up with fair and accurate claims settlement offers.

    As a contractor who specializes in water damage restoration, working with QuikClaims ensures you’re on the same playing field as the adjuster. Our team can help come up with a fast and accurate report that often goes into more detail than most property insurers provide.

    Xactimate Mold Remediation Estimating

    Mold remediation takes a special set of tools and skilled workers to get the job done right. Your client is counting on you to do everything you can to prevent further damage or health concerns from being a problem. And it all begins with getting the right Xactimate estimate from the beginning.

    Let our team of Xactimate gurus handle the whole process for you. We understand mold remediation and water damage restoration processes and have extensive training on how to use this robust software to your benefit. Consider it a must for any contractor working with insurance claims.

    Residential Water Damage Estimates

    Repairing residential water damage after a leak or storm can be somewhat difficult. The good news is that Xactimate is specifically designed for all types of buildings, including homes.

    QuikClaims understands that most residences are different from others. And that’s why we offer complete and accurate estimates for contractors who work with residential property owners in this capacity.

    Commercial Water Damage Estimates

    When it comes to commercial buildings, water damage tends to be a lot more catastrophic. With so many electrical components, pieces of furniture, and soft surfaces like carpet, it can take much more effort to get everything to dry out.

    QuikClaims is here to help contractors just like you create professional and accurate commercial water damage estimates. Let our team of Xactimate writers include the most comprehensive items possible to increase job size and reduce the need for supplementals.

    Water Damage Claim Supplements

    Of course, even the first Xactimate estimate needs a little reworking after you get started on the job. And QuikClaims can help with that process, too.

    Let our team of Xactimate professionals find and quote additional items that might have been missed in the initial job bid, giving you the upper hand when presenting your needs to the insurance company.

    Water Damage Estimating FAQ

    How long does an estimate take?

    We turn around most water damage estimates in 1-2 business days. Same day and weekend service is available. Complex estimates may take longer.

    Do you negotiate with the adjuster?

    We offer any level of service from Xactimate water damage estimate writing only to calling in the estimate to full negotiation on all line items to get you the best result possible for water damage insurance claims. Water damage restoration estimates and other documents are branded with your logo and information.

    How long do supplements take?

    Supplements are written within 1-2 business days. Approval times vary from 2 weeks to 2 months or more, depending on how aggressively you’d like us to pursue various line items.

    What is your fee for Xactimate writing?

    Xactimate writing services for water mitigation and water damage restoration jobs are billed at a flat fee per estimate starting at $100 with increasing costs for larger project size.

    What is your fee for supplements?

    Supplements include a flat fee plus percent of the increase over the original scope of work for the water damage restoration project.

    What information do you need?

    To start your file, we need photos of the job, your contract, summary report (if available) from insurance, any notes you have taken. You can send us these items through email, or we can grab these items directly from your CRM.