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    Xactimate Fire Damage Estimates

    We can all agree that a fire is one of the most catastrophic and detrimental events a property owner can face. And the effects last long after the smoke has cleared and the fire department has left the scene.

    While most residential and commercial insurance claims happen smoothly, it is always a good idea to give your client a proper bid that matches up to the estimate the adjuster provides. This allows for a better comparison and more comprehensive job quoting.

    How is this possible? Through a special software program called Xactimate.

    In fact, it is considered the industry standard for insurance companies and other professionals. However, the downside is that it can be difficult to learn and time-consuming if you aren’t familiar with all of the features.

    Thankfully, there’s a better alternative. Our Xactimate fire damage estimate writing service is an excellent way to ensure you’re quoting fire restoration and repair jobs accurately.

    Let our team of Xactimate experts handle your fire damage and contents restoration estimates to help you maximize your job potential while offering a complete and comprehensive proposal.

    Give us a shot on your next fire damage restoration project. You’ll be glad you did. We make it easy to receive and review status updates on each of your roofing claims through our online CRM portal, available 24-hours a day. Each fire damage estimate is branded with your logo and typically turned round in 1-2 business days. Same day and weekend service available.

    In addition to fire damage estimates, we provide water mitigation & water damage estimates.


    Xactimate Estimate Sample
    Xactimate Estimate Sample
    Xactimate Estimate Sample

    Fire Damage Estimate Writing

    Xactimate Fire Damage Cleanup Estimating

    As a contractor that specializes in fire damage cleanup, it is essential to include as many different elements as possible to maximize your job potential.

    Our QuikClaims team offers professional job bids using Xactimate software to accurately include all of the various elements associated with rebuilding after a fire.

    Let us come up with fair and accurate estimates that include all the proper line items the insurance company might have missed. As Xactimate experts, our estimate writers can help you increase your income potential 20% – 30% or more.

    By working with us, you’ll save both time and money while improving customer satisfaction.

    Xactimate Fire Damage Restoration Estimating

    There are just so many different facets to consider when quoting a fire damage project. For example, contents restoration can sometimes be a lot bigger of a job or there might even be a need for water damage mitigation due to the efforts of first responders.

    The good news is that QuikClaims understands how each job can be different from another. That’s why our Xactimate estimate writers create unique quotes for each job we help you bid.

    The end result? More specific line items and a better overall scope of work to present to the insurance adjuster. This leads to less supplemental requests and a smoother process for all involved.

    Residential Fire Damage Estimates

    After a residential fire, there’s a good chance the homeowner doesn’t even know where to begin with the restoration process.

    By working as their advocate and presenting a better Xactimate estimate, you can help make the claims experience smoother and more effective to their needs.

    In turn, this helps build confidence and trust between you and the property owner that carries throughout the entire fire restoration process.

    Commercial Fire Damage Estimates

    Fire damage restoration on a commercial building can be a lot more complicated to bid. That’s one area where Xactimate’s detailed reports really come in handy by giving contractors a better line item list of necessary repair or mitigation tasks.

    At QuikClaims, we can help you with this process. Our expert level Xactimate team understands that commercial properties require a different set of needs than a residential property.

    Best of all, we offer quick turnaround times to give you the information necessary for bidding insurance jobs as soon as possible.

    Fire Damage Claim Supplements

    While the initial Xactimate report is usually spot on, there are times when additional damage is discovered or circumstances change.

    In addition to a general report, our Xactimate estimate writers can also assist with supplementals. By understanding the nuances of this robust software, we’re able to often include more line items and offer far more comprehensive quotes than other reporting tools.

    Fire Damage Estimating FAQ

    How long does an estimate take?

    We turn around most fire damage estimates in 1-2 business days. Same day and weekend service is available. Complex estimates may take longer.

    Do you negotiate with the adjuster?

    We offer any level of service from Xactimate fire damage estimate writing only to calling in the estimate to full negotiation on all line items to get you the best result possible for fire damage insurance claims. Fire damage restoration estimates and other documents are branded with your logo and information.

    How long do supplements take?

    Supplements are written within 1-2 business days. Approval times vary from 2 weeks to 2 months or more, depending on how aggressively you’d like us to pursue various line items.

    What is your fee for Xactimate writing?

    Xactimate writing services for fire damage restoration jobs are billed at a flat fee per estimate starting at $100 with increasing costs for larger project size.

    What is your fee for supplements?

    Supplements include a flat fee plus percent of the increase over the original scope of work for the fire damage restoration project.

    What information do you need?

    To start your file, we need photos of the job, your contract, summary report (if available) from insurance, any notes you have taken. You can send us these items through email, or we can grab these items directly from your CRM.