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    Xactimate Writing Service

    QuikClaims provides professional Xactimate estimate writing using the same software that insurance companies use for better, faster claim approvals. In addition to estimates, we write supplements for items that may have been overlooked on the originally approved estimate. Supplementation can add 20-30% additional revenue to the job.

    To help secure line item approval, we will optionally negotiate on your behalf with the insurance adjuster. This can save you a tremendous amount of time and make you a lot more money on each job.

    We want to write all your estimates… but we’ll settle for a few.

    QuikClaims is not an ordinary estimate writing company. Our team members have spent years in the field managing various types of construction and restoration projects. We carefully review each file, assess and identify code requirements and build a detailed scope that creates better, more accurate Xactimate estimates.

    Give us a shot on your next project. You’ll be glad you did. We make it easy to receive and review status updates on each of your claims through our online CRM portal, available 24-hours a day. Each estimate is branded with your logo and is typically turned round in 1-2 business days. Same day and weekend Xactimate writing service is also available.

    Xactimate Storm Damage Repair Estimates

    Storm Damage

    Total Build Back

    Xactimate Writing

    Xactimate Roof

    Due to the vulnerable nature of roofing systems during hail, wind and ice storms, Xactimate roof estimates are the most common type of estimates we write. Roof estimating writing services will take into account often relevant local and national building code requirements that apply to your area and roof type. Xactimate roofing estimates ›

    Xactimate Water Damage

    Water mitigation and water damage restoration projects require specialized knowledge and experience dealing with flood-damaged or leak-damaged properties. Water mitigation may go hand-in-hand with a roofing project, so you’ll want an Xactimate writing service with in-depth knowledge of both. Xactimate water damage estimates ›

    Xactimate Fire Restoration

    Fire damage restoration includes the process of returning a fire and smoke damaged property to pre-loss condition. Fire restoration may involve things like of property board up, demolition and reconstruction on top of tasks such as debris, odor and soot removal, contents cleaning and working to remove any disturbed hazards such as lead and asbestos. Xactimate fire damage estimates ›

    Xactimate Storm Damage

    QuikClaims offers unique expertise in disaster response, to address intense situations that result in hurricane storm damage or tornado storm damage. Ask about a hurricane Xactimate estimate set that covers multiple areas of your property. We may need to write multiple Xactimate estimates for different insurance companies, depending on the areas of the property that are damaged.

    Xactimate Build Back

    If your property suffered severe storm damage, total build back estimates will include several areas of your property – including exterior areas like windows, siding, roof, tree removal, window wraps, and more – along with interior areas that must be rebuilt from water damage.


    When items are missed in the initial scope or when unforeseen work requirements develop during construction, supplemental estimates account for these cost factors. QuikClaims writes supplements on your behalf, submits to the insurance company and follows up with the insurance adjuster until items are approved. That way you can stay focused on finishing the job and get paid for the extra work.

    Claim Estimating FAQ

    How long does an estimate take?

    We turn around most estimates in 1-2 business days. Same day and weekend service is available. Complex estimates may take longer.

    Do you negotiate with the adjuster?

    We offer any level of service from Xactimate estimate writing only to calling in the estimate to full negotiation on all line items to get you the best result possible. Estimates and other documents are branded with your logo and information.

    How long do supplements take?

    Supplements are written within 1-2 business days. Approval times vary from 2 weeks to 2 months or more, depending on how aggressively you’d like us to pursue various line items.

    What is your fee for Xactimate writing?

    Xactimate writing services are billed at a flat fee per estimate starting at $100 with increasing costs for larger project size.

    What is your fee for supplements?

    Supplements include a flat fee plus percent of the increase over the original scope of work.

    What information do you need?

    To start your file, we need photos of the job, your contract, EagleView, summary report (if available) from insurance, any notes you have taken. You can send us these items through email, or we can grab these items directly from your CRM.

    Do you provide EagleViews?

    We can order an EagleView for your project for cost plus $25.