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    Better Insurance Claim Estimating

    QuikClaims puts more money in your pocket on every job.

    We deliver more thorough and more accurate estimates for roofing and restoration projects. Our highly skilled Xactimate writers increase job revenue an average of 20-30% with no out of pocket cost to you.

    Our modest fees are covered by the increase. With QuikClaims on your team, you’ll benefit from over 50 years of combined experience during which we’ve scoped out thousands of insurance restoration projects.

    We include line items that others miss. To ensure you get the most detailed Xactimate estimates and supplements, we incorporate upgrades and other requirements of local building codes.

    With decades of in-the-field experience on roofing and construction jobsites, we can often identify dozens of overlooked items to help you cover ALL aspects of the job.

    Why QuikClaims

    We write detailed Xactimate estimates for contractors, public adjusters, attorneys and policyholders. Our team includes top-tier construction professionals, expert Xactimate estimators, adjusters and building consultants. Put the team to work for you!


    50+ Yrs Combined Experience


    Roofing Project Expertise


    GC Restoration Expertise


    Code Required Inclusions


    Line Item Negotiations


    Bigger Insurance Approvals


    No Out of Pocket Cost


    Fast Turnaround Time

    What is Xactimate?

    Xactimate is a multiplatform claims estimating software system widely used by insurance company adjusters to build estimates for repair or replacement on roofing and restoration jobs.

    Xactware maintains a comprehensive database of building costs for over 500 geographic locations. Pricing data is updated on a monthly basis and is used to calculate detailed estimates for each project. Preferred by insurance companies, Xactimate estimates help the insured “speak the same language” as the company and typically results in faster approvals and better supplements.

    Xactimate Estimate Services

    QuikClaims works on your behalf to write Xactimate estimates for roofing and restoration insurance claims. We also write supplemental estimates for items overlooked or unknown during the initial estimate.

    We negotiate with the insurance adjuster to justify each line item’s viability for inclusion and coverage. With QuikClaims on your team, your profit per job will generally increase by 20-30% as our estimates get approved for more line items and more revenue. Save time and make more money on every job!

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